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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Wonderful Reward!!!

For those who have endured some tough conditions lately today was a wonderful reward, and for those who’ve just arrived lucky you! We started out this morning with first-tracks down TJ’s Shoulder on the Tour du Charvet and as usual the ambience and scenery were fantastic and the snow was pretty jolly good as well! From there we skied a Mattis followed by a couple of nice shots off the Laisinant and Pyramid and then I headed over the Col Pers for a lovely run and a great exit off the Grand Torsai via the ‘Funky Route’. Chris and Thomas skied the Pays Desert before going over the Col and Jean Marc skied Mont Roup today while Andreas had the day off.

Looking at my photos today there is no doubt that Francesca deserves a ‘skier-of-the-morning-award’! Bravo Francesca for a top performance this morning and well done to the rest of the team!

Chris was rumbled yesterday in a small slide and pulled his calf muscle. The doctor told him to take a week off to let it settle down, but of course Chris just strapped it up and was there this morning as if nothing had happened. He’s a tough nut our Chris!

It was Jean Marc’s last day today after a month in town and it’s been great having him around. He’ll be touring during the winter and back here later in the season. Viv, Wil, and Rosie left this afternoon after their first Christmas outside of England, and I don’t think it will be their last! They had such a fantastic time and good luck to Wils who leaves for a trip to South America early January!

It looks as if we’re in for a-week-to ten-days of sunshine so thank goodness for yesterday’s top-up, which covered up some pretty tough snow and has given us a fresh canvas just when we needed it most. Stay tuned!