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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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A Year Today!!!

It was a year ago today was the day that the lifts shut down. We knew something was up and didn’t really expect to make it through to the end of the season. But, when the end came it did come with a sudden bang! After a great day skiing on the Saturday we went to Bananas and had a fabulous evening chatting with Ricki, eating and having a few drinks. At Bananas we heard rumblings of a rumour starting to circulate that the lifts wouldn’t open in the morning and sure enough they didn’t.

I was naive  enough to think that maybe the resort could shutdown for a couple of weeks and then reopen for the Easter holiday period. However, it didn’t take long for us to start to grasp the dire situation that was unfolding. Naive or not, no one last March 15th would have thought that a year later the lifts would still be closed. Fingers crossed that we can get travelling again sometime soon and that the virus is under enough control that we can have the most appreciated winter of our lives next season!

Millie woke up this morning with the happiest little face I’ve ever seen. (Katie too for that matter!) What made the girls so happy you might ask? Just that Taylor Swift’s Folklore won the Grammy last night for Album of the Year! It’s the third time in her career that she’s won and she became the only female artist to have won the award three times. She joins Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder as the only three-time recipients.

Taylor wrote and produced the album during the first lockdown. And what makes it even more impressive was that she wrote and produced another album Evermore during the second lockdown, which is every bit as good! Swiftie fans everywhere are rejoicing and thoroughly enjoying her new music.

Andreas is having his knee op today and then has a three-week rehab planned in a special physio rehab-centre. With no visitors allowed it will be tough for him to be away from the family. He say he’ll work hard on his rehab and will pass the time with his guitar and I-pad. Good luck Andreas!

Thanks again to Chris for all his work on the photos. He’ll keep adding some photos as he gets them done. He needs to scan them all from his enormous catalogue of slides from the days when you needed to be a good photographer to take consistently good photos.

Stay tuned!