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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Absolutely Brilliant!!!

And I’m talking about the skiing today as well as last night’s gig with the Guinea Pigs, but first the skiing. The sun returned today and Chris, Thomas and I all headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery. It’s been out of play for most of the season and it’s so nice to have the Fornet sector available again as it’s such a stunning place both visually and terrain-wise. We had some wonderful skiing straight off the Laisinant (see photos) and it’s nice to know the days photos are taken care of in the first five minutes! From there we skied a little couloir up high in the Combe du Signal before heading around the corner en-route to the Col Poma, then a great run in the Pays Desert with a ten-minute ‘skin’ before heading over the Col Pers and exiting via our ‘funky’ route, where we spotted some Perdrix Blanche. Meanwhile Andreas took the Munke Tour boys on tour to Mont Roup and they were the first ones up, which always adds to the proceedings.

Last night’s gig with the ‘Pigs’ was fantastic and I had four nice Americans from Boston come up to me an introduce themselves, saying they read my blog and had come to the Danois on my recommendation. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and will be there again tonight for Karen and Andreas. A fellow Canadian named Rob from Montreal also introduced himself and he’s been reading the blog for almost three years now. He also came along and had a brilliant time and I’m sure he’ll be there tonight as well. It’s nice to know that people from all around the world take the time to read the diary and it makes it all worth the effort! Don’t miss tonight’s gig with Karen and Andreas, which may start closer to 5:15 than 5:30 so don’t be late! It’s a brilliant night out and I’m hoping Nicki Pitts makes it again tonight because she’s always great fun and adds to any occasion!

It’s Jerry, Frans, Craig and Simon’s last day of heli-skiing today and then they’ll be spending a week in Banff with their wives. Rock-on boys!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS I forgot to mention that three skiers headed down into the Gorge du Malpasset and Thomas and Chris ended up being involved in contacting the pisteurs so start the rescue proceedings. Chris took a few photos of them and may add one or two to the blog as well as a photo or two of Tom and his girls from Boston. And Frans, post of group shot of yourselves or perhaps one of Jerry’s new favourite Guide!

PPS If you go back a few days Frans has posted a couple of photos from Canada!