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Airport Run!!!

I’m leaving for the airport immediately after skiing today so the blog will be late.

I sadly dropped off Katie after a superb week of fun. But, I picked Millie up and am looking forward to cramming in as much as possible over the next six days.

As for today’s skiing. The forecast was dreadful! Rain to 2200/2300 metres with 80 to 90 km/h of wind at 3000 metres. I joked with Thomas that it sounded like a Bonnevie’s Drag kind of morning. Needless to say we weren’t expecting too much going to bed last night!

But, I was pleasantly surprised when opening the curtains this morning. It was snowing gently. The snow was wet but at least it wasn’t raining. And the expected high winds hadn’t yet arrived leaving us a window of opportunity. When Radio Val announce decently cold temperatures at the Fornet we decided that today was the day.

We’ve been avoiding the Fornet all season because it’s been unusually poor so fat this winter. But today Chris, Thomas and my teams had a superb morning. We skied the Super L, Grand Vallon, two Sunny Bowls, and a Combe du 3300. I needed to get down on time for the airport run but found some bonus turns on the way down. My guys were cooked anyway as it was a big morning. Meanwhile Thomas circled back around for a Combe du Geant.

It was a fantastic day with some great snow. We had some tough stuff as well but for the most part it skied really well. And it was so nice to spend a morning at the Fornet as the sector has been sadly missed.

Karen is playing at the Danois tomorrow with Mike and should be kicking off between 5:15 and 5:30. It promises to be a great gig so don’t miss it if you’re in town. Millie and I will see you there!

Stay tuned!

PS I forgot my camera today. It was probably a subconscious thing to get me out of an hour’s work tonight!