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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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All because of a lift late starting…… (post by JC or Chris depending the circumstance…)

Met Johny Alpine at the Fornet cable car but due to lift delays  we went to Solaise straight away.Decided to have a look into the Manchet which was totally untouched by skiers we decided to to do the piste “ferme” which proved excellent. Skied down to equivelent of the botom station of the old non existant buton lift and then skinned back up. Also by that time people followed the tracks…. but they did have skins… Came across Thomas who was skiing with his youngest daughter on Madelaine.  And to finnish our excellent morning we skinned up to the tunnel run and skied back down the same side which was also excellent.  After lunch showed Johny how to hot wax skis. All the best to Wayne with his biopsie on the 4th December back in the UK. Louise is taking care of Alpine’s planning at our office at Jean Sports. PS Check Wayne’s photos. I have managed to post some photos……