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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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All By Myself!!!

I cut a lonely figure at the Gourmandine this morning as there was no Jean Marc, no Andreas, no Chris, no Thomas and no Henry. With 252 kph winds clocked on the Pisaillas Glacier last night and the wind still howling it was a ‘low hanging fruit’ day as very little was open and it was looking pretty bleak. It was great to have Gill along who had recovered from her migraine, along with Millie, Katie, Michael and Adam and we had a stunning start to the day. After taking a face-full of wind coming out of the Olympique we turned onto the Face du Bellevarde and had superb powder top-to-bottom. (see photos) It was worth the entire morning and because it was still pretty unpleasant on the summit of Bellevarde we skied the Face again but unfortunately by this time it was pretty chopped up so we erased the second decent immediately from our memory banks! Next up was Bonnevie’s Drag, which had just opened, and we had 5 or 6 runs in great snow with absolutely no one else around. It’s a perfect place to practice ‘flat-light’ skiing as it is flat and smooth underfoot with a lovely fall-line but it was a bit weird and fortunate as usually every ski school in town hits it and it’s done after one or two runs. From there we skied under the Mont Blanc chair and then the Lower Familial to finish about noon. It was a cracking morning and strangely quiet considering how many people arrived in town yesterday.  (We did run into Jean Marc who was skiing with his great friend Dede and Dede’s family)

As Gill was ill yesterday Katie and I went to the Garage to watch the first-half of Leicester v Man City followed by a pizza at Flash with Millie and Ray. I climbed into bed around 9 o’clock and had no trouble sleeping the night away.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring as it could snow another 50cm’s or more by the morning and a lot will depend on the wind. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Viv, Wils and Rosie arrive tomorrow so we’re looking forward to see them!!!!