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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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The sun was back in full force today and Andreas and I headed up to Mont Roup via the meadows from the Borsat. After a 5-minute ‘skin’ we had some wonderful snow in the meadows before cutting over to make the walk a bit shorter, and I would have savoured the meadows a little bit more if I knew what was coming! After a lovely walk up to Mont Roup I stayed high to the left for the first big pitch, which was good but tricky, then kept traversing for the clean snow way out left. The first few pitches were very good but we then hit the rain-crust and the rest of the way down was ‘stay-in-my-track’ type skiing. I was expecting the rain-crust on lower section to be supporting and to ski like spring snow but it was extremely difficult. I thought it might have been the worst snow I’ve ever skied with clients so the sooner it’s erased from the memory banks the better! And it was Richard Fosters first day off-piste with his artificial knee and bravo to you Richard! Blimey! Anyway, Andreas tried the right-hand side and didn’t fare any better and we radioed back for Chris and Thomas to ski the north-side of Mont Roup and give it a miss. Looking at today’s photos reminds me that we did have some good snow, which makes me feel a little better!

I’m really looking forward to watching the first half of Liverpool v Arsenal tonight at 6:30 at the Garage. I’m pulling for Liverpool to win the title and it should be a great match and a tough test for the Reds. Maybe see you there?

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!