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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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An ‘All Ladies Team’!!!

Back in my Top Ski days I used to have ‘all girls teams’ regularly. All the husbands skied with Pat, Jean or TJ and being the new boy I was trusted with skiing with the wives. It was a great era and we had a fantastic time. The only other man involved at times was John Ellis who used to protectively ride ‘shot-gun’ for me.

Today for the first time in ages I had the pleasure of an ‘all-girls-team’again. Tash is on her annual ‘girl’s week’ and with Thomas off today I skied with Mags, Becca, Susanna, Sue, Jane and Tash. The ladies are not only great skiers but collectively have great senses of humour as well. It was nice to get a female take on the world for a change and I really enjoyed their company. And thanks for lunch at the Crozet!

You can follow the girls antics as the week progresses at the Danois, where they will feature Wednesday and Friday night’s for sure. They are really quite impressive when they take over the dance floor!

I almost missed today as I stubbed my big toe last night and had blood oozing out from under my toe nail. It was bloody sore this morning and I was worried about getting it into my ski boots. I drugged myself up and although it hurt walking to-and-from bus stops it was fine skiing and ‘skinning’, which was a result. After skiing through injuries over the years it would have sucked to miss out due to a stubbed toe in the kitchen!

I’ve just watched the Hammers get battered by the Spurs. Ouch! Thank GOD there are quite a few games left to save ourselves. Or for others to implode!

Snow is forecast for Wednesday afternoon so we only have three more mornings to scratch out before we finally get some relief. And thanks to everyone who has hung in there with us through these tough times. It’s definitely noted!!!

Stay tuned!