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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Another Beautiful Day!!!

The sun continues to shine and with cold temperatures the snow quality has been fantastic. Unfortunately the wind has swung around and is starting to damage where the best snow lies. And tracks sadly are also becoming a factor even though the resort is empty. It’s so annoying to see the mess that just a few skiers. And it’s especially disappointing when we constantly work so hard to conserve the precious snow.

Today Andreas and I ‘skinned’ for a Crete and Mont Roup and for the most part it was excellent. (see photos) (I’ll come out of ‘code-mode’ now because it’s done.) We’ll need to do some walking now as our options dry up but there is still some great skiing to be had. And the pistes in between itineraries are superb, which makes for fun and educational skiing.

Thomas had a private today with a boarder involved and I’m not sure what he did. No doubt it will have been ‘gravity’ fed though! Chris should be back in action tomorrow and is raring to go while Henry had the day off.

There are rumours of an announcement today about the easing of border restrictions for UK holiday makers. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!