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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Another Beautiful Day!!!

We enjoyed another stunning day with beautiful sunshine, great skiing and even better company. I’m going into ‘code-mode’ as we aren’t expecting any new snow for another week and between wind-damage, rain-crust and track-damage each day is becoming a little bit more difficult to deliver the kind of skiing you all expect from us. We’re lucky to have a clientele that understands that conditions change daily and that we can only make the most of each given day, some of which are much more tricky than others. These tough times are when we’re at our best and although all the ‘Alpine’ boys would like 25cm’s of fresh powder we’re equally up for the challenge of delivering great skiing during the sunny week ahead. Bravo boys as all the groups had solid mornings in different sectors of the resort!

I’m stopping by Le Petit Danois at 5:30 on the off chance that the Guinea Pigs will be playing. It’s 50/50 at the moment but I’ll be there at 5:30 if anyone fancies a beer. Andreas and Karen won’t be laying tonight but will start playing every Friday at 5PM at the Danois until the end of the season and we’ll be initiating a weekly ‘Alpine’ end-of-week get-together while Andreas and Karen are playing.

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and come on you Hammers!

PS Gill has gone to the doctors with Ray as she thinks he’s broken his thumb this morning. Good luck Ray!