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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Bonus Day!!!

We had another bonus day of sunshine as for the second day in a row the forecasted clouds either cleared up or didn’t show up, leaving us with beautiful clear skies. TJ, Chris and I all went for a double ‘skin’ to the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup and we had some great skiing. I was a little disappointed about how many tracks there were in Mont Roup as it was hit hard yesterday by a load of people spreading out and trying their best to trash the mountain, but we still managed ‘clean’ lines and lovely snow. Chris and I finished with a funky Marmottons into the Marmottes skiing nice strips of soft snow between the rain-crust. Chris ended up in the creek and was rescued by Charlie and that added to his group’s fun! It’s a nice route down with great ambience and was a good finish to an excellent morning. Meanwhile, Andreas headed towards Tignes for a ‘couloir ‘ session and had some great skiing while Thomas and Henry had the day off.

Our now regular end-of-the-week ‘Alpine Get-Together’ last night at Le Petit Danois was the best yet as Karen and Andreas were brilliant and we had a fantastic turn-out of Alpine friends and acquaintances. The place was rocking and Mark and Lucie brought their new found friends from their chalet and they added greatly to the ambience with some enthusiastic dancing and cheering! Peter played a great version of ‘Here Comes The Sun’ on his ukulele along with Andreas and Simon deserves an honourable mention for his exploits on the dance floor! Much to my horror I was dragged onto the floor three times as I’m a shockingly bad dancer, and I mean shocking!!! Millie was horrified to imagine me dancing and asked, “didn’t they know you’re married Daddy?” Bless! It was a great night out and I think all the clients enjoyed having a chance to do something different and it’s nice to see a different side of people. I finished off an excellent evening with chili at my place with TJ, Paul, and Millie and my golf coach James. What a day it was!

Come on you Hammers and fingers crossed for another bonus day tomorrow!