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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Brilliant Morning!!!

The photos are up and I’ll catch up with today and yesterday’s blogs later. About to jump in the bath before heading to the Danois for Karen’s gig. Andreas isn’t able to play tonight so she’ll either be on her own or with Mike.

Stay tuned for the main blog later and that’s a promise!

Well, what a couple of days! Yesterday was simply stunning as we skied the Fontaine Froide, the Kern, the Marmottons, TJ’s Shoulder in the Tour du Charvet mixed in with a couple of Super L’s. The snow quality was superb and everyone was purring with pleasure. (I’ve had a couple of extra beers at tonight’s gig so excuse me if I go a bit flowery!) I definitely picked up the ‘Prat of the Day’ award yesterday. We arrived on the top of Solaise and were heading down to the Madeleine Chair when I decided to get a better angle so I cut right across the piste, totally forgetting that the tube lift was in the middle of the piste. It was covered with snow so I didn’t see it and I smacked into and bounced off the plexi-glass like a rubber ball and a liftie who was shovelling snow on the other side started shacking his fist at me and anyone inside the tube would have ben shocked by the impact. Thomas thought it was hilarious but what a prat I was!

It rained overnight and the snow quality today wasn’t quite the same but we still had a fantastic morning. I had the privilege of being first into the Grand Vallon and the Combe Du Signal while Thomas was the first up the Cascade Chair on the Glacier. We all filled our boots and finished with a great run down the Col Pers and out through the gorge but the snow down low had a bit of rain in it but still skied nicely with a positive attitude.

Andreas couldn’t make the gig tonight but Mike filled in and I’d forgotten how good he is. His guitar work was fantastic and his solo of Sultan’s of Swing was quite special. Karen was her usual brilliant self and we are all hoping that Andreas will be back in action next week.

I must have something to eat and get to bed as tomorrow may turn out to be a tough morning. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!