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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Down Day!!!

The resort was in shut-down again today and it’s a very rare occurrence when the station is shut for two days-in-a-row! The free lifts at the bottom of Solaise were running and some beginners and keen people took advantage of that but in reality it was another day to get things down around the flat and go to the gym. I ran into Ricki from Bananas shovelling his terrace (he was pissed because he’d just cleared it last night) and it was nice to see him (see photos) and I met Jamie T in the gym. Jamie and his wife are here for the season and it turns out that Jamie is a regular reader of the blog and hopefully we’ll get some time to ski together this season. Jean Marc took his touring team for a little walk up to the Follie Douce and said the weather was pretty extreme and the snow was very dense and heavy. It has warmed up dramatically to the point of it almost raining in the village so all the beautiful cold light powder from Friday is long gone and just a distant memory.

Andreas made a great effort to drive up in the raging storm from the comfort of his own home, which must of been hard to leave, to play his gig with Karen at the Danois. Andreas had some technical issues with his looping and they weren’t that pleased with the performance but everyone enjoyed it, especially the half-drunk Spanish team at the front! (Andreas had skied with them one morning last week) Bravo and thanks to you both as Friday Après-Ski at the Danois is one of the highlights of the week! It was great to have Jean Marc along and don’t forget Jean Marc’s photo exhibition at the Marie.

I’m off to Johnnie Alpine’s in desperation tonight as another Hammer loss will see us tumble into the relegation zone and become manager-less!!! I’ve everything crossed for this one, stay tuned and we should have better luck for some skiing tomorrow!