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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Excellent Morning!!

Since the light snowfall last Wednesday we have had three excellent days of skiing with clear blue skies! It’s been a bit chilly at times but the cold has been manageable and we’ve had some wonderful snow mixed with some outstanding piste skiing while getting from A to B. The overnight wind touched up our stash slightly from yesterday but it was still jolly good and being Saturday it was extremely quiet which meant full steam ahead while on the pistes!

After persevering through a fairly tough period it looks as if some relief is on the horizon as between five and fifty cm’s of snow are expected starting tonight and through tomorrow. Five would be disappointing but twenty or more would be wonderful. I’d settle for 20 to 30 so we can continue on without being shut down for blasting or danger while getting a clean canvas to work with. It would be nice to get the Fornet sector back into play because we’ve hardly skied there during the past month. In fact only about 10% of our off-piste domain has been useable so some fresh snow would be greatly appreciated.

My Assistant Musical Editor Peter Hughes agrees with my review on Andreas and Karen’s gig last night and we’re both looking forward to the next one! Quentin was still grinning away this morning!

I’d like to congratulate my old school friend Andy E (regular follower of the diary) and Suzie on their engagement. We spent some time with Andy and Suzie in Canada this summer when rafting in Clearwater while visiting Doug T and his lovely wife Jane, and we had a fantastic reunion!

It’s nil-nil at halftime as the Hammers are hosting Arsenal. Come on boys, make my day! Stay tuned!

PS It was Michael R’s last day yesterday and what a day to finish on. He skied every day for a month and I’ll miss him and look forward to seeing him again same time next year! Well played and bravo Michael!!!

PPS Hammers 1-Gunners nil, happy days!!!

PPPS I’m testing the Black Crow 85’s tomorrow and really looking forward to it. They are 120-85-110, which is very similar to my Bond/Vertex at 120-84-109. I have the feeling they will be superb!