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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Another Fornet Day!!

The sun returned and since we’ve spent so little time at the Fornet this season the team headed up there and everyone had a great morning. My teamed skied the Grand Vallon, the Lower Signal, then two in the Pays Desert before finishing with a Col Pers and the funky exit. All the boys were in the neighbourhood doing variations and since I lost my radio I didn’t have contact with them although I ran into Henry in the Col Pers at the end of the morning.

I turned on my camera today to see if the black spot was getting smaller and somehow it has miraculously disappeared! I couldn’t believe it so my dry-weather camera is back in action and all I need now is for my radio to suddenly appear. Good luck on that one!

I’m tidying up as Gill and Katie arrive tonight and I must say I’ve a lot to do! I’ll be back late tonight and I’m working all day tomorrow so tomorrow’s update will be late. Stay tuned!

And what a final Pigs gig last night. Brilliant! And remember that Karen and Andreas are not playing tonight but will be back on next Friday. I’m looking forward to that already!