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Another Good Result!!!

With complications due to options and tricky climatic conditions I thought we had another good result this morning!

Chris and I headed up to the Grande Motte for a combination of soft winter snow with some spring slopes. Meanwhile Andreas went for a little ‘skin’ in search of spring snow. It was a successful morning as we all found what we were looking for. (Sounds similar to a song title?)

Speaking of songs, last evening’s apres-ski gig at the Danois was brilliant! The Lunettes are an excellent band and they had the place absolutely rocking.

Spanish Mike on drums is fantastic. Ditto for his countryman Albert on electric guitar. And the multi-talented Brazilian Fernando who sings, plays bass and some lead guitar is brilliant. They play with smiles on their faces and with a great sense of humour really engage with the crowd.

The Lunettes have a massive play list and seem to play different songs every night. At Tchenko’s insistence they do play Santana’s Black Magic Women every week. But fair enough, it is wonderful and I’d be disappointed if they didn’t! I give them top marks and if you’re in town don’t miss them next week!

I met Matthew at the gig last night. He’d arrived with Derek and co. and it was great to see him. He’s a regular in town and skis with Amigo, who is a bit of a local legend.

And a belated happy birthday to Richard for yesterday. He has the luck of the Irish to be born on the 17th! See you soon Richard.

If you’re in town don’t forget tonight’s gig at the Danois featuring Karen and Andreas. It kicks off about 5:15 and promises to be a great evening. See you there!

My 16-year-old daughter Katie is taking the train to Exeter to spend the weekend with Millie. Sounds like fun to me! Have a wonderful time girls!

And what a brilliant win for the Hammers last night. After all these years of hurt it feels good to be a Hammers fan. Thanks Pav!

Stay tuned!