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Another Miracle!!!

There was another miracle in Tignes yesterday as a man was found hours after the original search was called off. The avalanche occurred in the Toviere sector had was massive. The original search was called off in extremely bad weather when the rescue team couldn’t locate anyone. But five hours later there was a break in the weather and head-pisteur Fred Bonnevie jumped at the opportunity.

Fred went out in the dark with a colleague as he had a feeling that they may have missed something during the original search. Miraculously they found a man buried up to his neck with just his head exposed. They located the victim by his cries for help and dug him out alive. And his only injuries were frost-bitten ears!

That’s the story I’ve pieced together from Chris and Tchenko. For more information check the Radio Val, Henry’s HAT or Le Dauphine websites.

Stay tuned as news seems to be coming thick and fast!