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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Morning Of Visibility!!!

It snowed ten to fifteen centimeters yesterday afternoon/evening and with sunshine this morning we all had a cracking morning. The entire team of Andreas, Jerome, Thomas, Henry, Chris and I all headed to Tignes and took advantage of the protected snow in the lee. It’s not great everywhere as the wind has done its best to work over the snow, and the boys did a great job this morning. (I guess all of us heading to Tignes answers your question about conditions at the Fornet!)

I had a zippy team today so didn’t really stop often enough to get many photos. ( However, I did manage a few and they are posted.) We skied off the Verte, Lower Borsat, Chardonnet, pitch off the bottom of the Tourne, Super Cocaine, nice bits off the new Aiguille Rouge chair, meadows down towards the road, and as Barnaby was under pressure to get back on time we skied the Genepy non-stop, which was fun.

Flat-light is forecast for tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get a few flakes tonight to make life easier in the morning.

Don’t forget Fernando tonight in the Danois, He’s an incredibly character and a very talented musician. Hope to see you there and stay tuned!