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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Murky Day!!!

It was another cold, cloudy and  murky day. Fortunately enough light filtered through the clouds to give us decent visibility, which made the morning.

We skied around the top of Bellevarde and skied to the bottom three times using the Funival. (Bottom half of the mountain is still closed) There was some excellent snow in places and we had another ‘better-than-expected’ morning.

There has been a lot of worry and confusion about what’s happening in Switzerland. the UK government website has stated that any UK passengers travelling through Swiss airports will need to quarantine for 10 days. Now that is what I call a ‘show-stopper’! A group of Ski Club skiers did make it through yesterday but it was a real hassle and I think they were very lucky. Hopefully governments will see sense, stop panicking and not ruin Christmas skiing. Fingers crossed!

Thanks to Johnny Alpine for a great afternoon of sport yesterday and a wonderful curry. It was brilliant!

I’m still throwing throws and various articles of clothing that have paw prints on them into the wash machine. I’ve been scrubbing floors and washing walls and it hasn’t been pleasant. Still, it could have been much worse. He could have pulled my curtains off the wall while stumbling about, knocked over my stereo speakers, and puked in a much more inconvenient place. Yuck!

Stay tuned!