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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Road Trip!!!

Frans, Jerry, Doug, Simon, Chrissie and I jumped into a couple of cars and headed down the valley for some adventure and had an excellent outing considering the conditions. We enjoyed some stunning scenery and ‘skinned’ for 55-minutes, which was a pretty good effort. We tested Doug’s ‘sniff’ from the other day with Doug and Frans going one way and the rest of us the more traditional way up the firm wall and Doug and Frans arrived a couple of minutes before we did so we’ll file that one away for another day! The entrance was very interesting as we went around the back and booted up to access ‘cleaner’ snow and I wouldn’t have wanted it any more testing. Everyone handled it really well and we had a great run down, especially the upper-half of the mountain where we found lovely pitches of ‘clean’ snow but the snow had a little trickery in it in places and needed to be skied. (See photos) It was another good trip down the mountain as we wait for some snow possibly on Friday night and off-and-on during the weekend. Fingers crossed!

Chris headed towards the Sachette and skied the Sachette Couloir before ‘skinning’ up to ski CW as he prepared his team for a trip down the valley tomorrow. Henri was in action but I’ve no idea what his team skied while Thomas is having a few days off to nurse his feet and Andreas is still feeling under the weather but hopefully should be back in action tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!