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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Another Stunning Morning!!!

It surprisingly snowed about 5cm’s overnight, which isn’t much but it did freshen things up enough to make Chris and I change our plans. Instead of a 40-minute walk we ‘skinned’ for ten-minutes only to ski some fabulous snow before heading to Tignes for a change of scenery and to have a look around. We found some great snow and finished off our morning with ‘gravity-fed’ skiing that pleased the team as fatigue was starting to creep in. I’m still in ‘code-mode’ so that’s it as far as info goes but the photos tell the story!

JM and Oli finished their week with their French clients before starting tomorrow with another group of faithful tourers and Thomas and Pietro finished a great week with the Ski  Club. Andreas came up with Tansy for a ‘skin-and-ski’ together and Andreas is back in action tomorrow.

We had a fantastic evening at the Petit Danois last night as the faithful ‘Pigs’ fans came out to welcome Paul and Hugo back to town. Matt and Ellie showed up along with Rob Wyld (father of Wils and Rosie) and his mate John who was bopping away like a madman! It’s wonderful to watch people enjoying themselves as they shake it about in a way that only comes from a mix of music and alcohol! 

I’ve cooked a chili as we’re having a team meeting at my place tonight. Should be fun! 

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow as we’re expecting another sunny day before some more snow moves in!

PS I’ve just heard that Chris is enjoying a Michelin Star lunch. Bon app Chris!