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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Just like yesterday it took a while to find our rhythm. Several lifts weren’t cooperating and it was a little frustrating. I could forgive the Borsat’s tardiness because the wind was ferocious at the top, but Bonnevie’s Drag? But once we found our groove it really did turn out to be a cracking morning.

When it became apparent that Plan A was out of the question we moved on and decided to stay close to home. And it turned out to be a fantastic morning with adventurous skiing and wonderful atmosphere. We ended up skiing some itineraries that we haven’t skied in ages, which is always fun.

Between Chris, Thomas and I we covered some great terrain. We skied TJ’s Shoulder, Marmottes and Marmattons, the Kern, and the Super L. And then to top it all off we finished with the always impressive Face du Charvet.

The Face du Charvet has always been one of my favourite runs in the resort. It’s steep, its atmospheric and you’re always on show. People always notice when it’s being skiing and usually take time to watch. All our teams did a bloody good job on it this morning and left some great tracks.  Bravo Team Alpine!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera this morning and missed some fantastic photos. There was misty clouds, sunshine, great rocky backdrops, some excellent snow, and solid skiing performances. It all added up to some brilliant photos opportunities missed. The only consolation is that it saved me an hour’s work!

Stay tuned!

PS I’d like to congratulate my team on a fantastic performance yesterday. They did a brilliant job and left their signature! Bravo to Roy, Marilyn, Iain, Murray, Richard and Francesca!