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Back In The Saddle!!!

After a tough day yesterday with Becca’s injury it was back in the saddle today as I accompanied Thomas down to St Foy for an excellent Foglietta Sud. It’s normally way too early in the season for that sort of itinerary but with two weeks of unbroken sunshine and some heat there are some great spring routes that are very doable and we profited today with a fantastic morning out. It was Thomas’ idea to ski the spring-side and we had a really great outing together, thanks Thomas, great call! And it was nice to see our friend Herve from the ESF this morning.

Meanwhile back in Val d’Isere Andreas put together an excellent morning (and I’m still in ‘code-mode’ as far as L’Espace Killy goes) and I might try something similar tomorrow and Chris has the Ski Club all day and I imagine he’ll end up at the Fornet later in the day.

With the heat there have been several avalanches about with one across the road at the Fornet towards the Pont St Charles and another in the Campanules yesterday. There was a big slide in the Foglietta Sud that looked like it came down yesterday afternoon and coming out of Mont Roup yesterday there were signs of avalanches across the trail out. The risk has gone up from 1/5 rising to 3/5 by noon to 2/5 rising to 3/5 and all the sunny exposures need care and attention.

Becca has flown home to be with her family and everyone at Alpine wishes her the best of luck and a speedy and full recovery.

Stay tuned!