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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Back In The Saddle!!!

After being ambushed yesterday we were back in the saddle this morning. And after a slow start what a morning it turned out to be!

We had a bit of a frustrating start to the morning as several lifts were slow to open. But with wind clocked at 185 kph last night on the Pisaillas Glacier it’s no wonder that there was some damage. (I’m not sure if there was structural damage or ice on the cables) Once we got going though the skiing was wonderful.

My team had three promising runs on Bonnevie’s Drag while waiting for the Borsat or Tommeuses to open. We wanted to get upstairs to the Motte, which was above the cloud and in the lee. It only snowed 5 cm’s overnight but we were treated to at least 30 cm’s in places. (See photos) The skiing was wonderful and the weather improved as the morning went on instead of deteriorating as forecast. It all added up to a fantastic morning and was well deserved for all those who skied yesterday.

Poor Andreas had a worse than frustrating start to his day. He’d skied about five metres and realised that something was seriously amiss with his skis. It turned out one of his pins had broken off of his binding so he was finished for the morning. Thank goodness it happened right at the top and not out in the middle of nowhere. Like after two turns in a steep firm couloir! Luckily Thomas could take Andreas’ clients so that they didn’t miss out on a brilliant morning.

More snow is forecast for tonight so stay tuned!

PS What a brilliant performance by Rafa. I’m a Fed fan but Rafa is a thoroughly decent bloke and a great champion. And I’d prefer him passing Roger’s slam count instead of No-vax! And Michael R and all American football fans have been treated to the best rounds of playoff games in history. Wow, American football doesn’t get any better than this season’s playoffs. Hopefully the SuperBowl can live up to it!