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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Back In The UK!!!

I can’t believe that just a few short days ago we were skiing great snow and were singing, dancing, kissing and hugging at the Danois! All of a sudden there is the threat of Military presence in the street and you need an official form to leave your dwelling. Blimey, we knew it was coming but that was seriously fast and extreme response! With rumours of border closures I jumped in the car on Monday afternoon and drove straight through, and the service at the Channel Tunnel was first class as usual. Even though I was about 13-hours early for my train they put me straight on the next crossing at no extra charge.

Bravo to Chris who soldiered on and managed two extra mornings of ‘skinning’ for Trevor and Dave, who much appreciated his efforts. (See photos complete with dancing girls!) It’s quite surreal to look at the mountain with so much snow cover and have it totally void of people, and it’s a little bit like looking at the sky all those years ago after the Icelandic volcano shut down air travel.

It was another fantastic winter and although we had a couple of rough patches we also had some exceptionally good skiing and I’ll look back at the winter and remember those stunning days, some of which evoked comments like, “that was the best day of my life” from the clients. What a privilege it is for us to spend time with you all enjoying our wonderful domain and the comradery that goes with our daily off-piste missions. Thank you all for your continued support. Unfortunately this winter was cut short but fingers crossed that it will be skiing-as-usual next winter and non of us suffer too badly in the months to come.

It’s time to rally around Jean Sports (and shops in general) as the local shops will suffer badly from this early closure. They are left with a huge amount of stock and no one had the chance to get their sales off the ground and try to recoup some of their losses. Instead of searching the internet for deals on your equipment this summer it would be nice to see as many of you as possible coming into the shop next season and shopping in person. Alpine exists because of our close relationship with Jean Sport and their wellbeing is extremely important to us all.

I wish I had my camera last night as I went into Sainsbury’s to pick up some supplies and couldn’t believe my eyes as the shelves were totally empty! I managed some milk and bread, 4 apples, a little bag of shelled peas, a box of tea-bags and some organic broccoli, and that’s it! I’ll take my camera next trip in case it looks the same again!

Good luck with your lockdown and here’s to better times hopefully just around the corner. Stay tuned!!!

PS Both Derek and Adam have been in touch to say that the Easy Jet flights for next season are now on sale. Now there’s some happy news!!!! My girls have booked Christmas and half-term!!!