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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Back To Australia!!!

Chris has spent an enormous amount of time teaching skiing over the years. Besides his 40-plus years in Val d’Isere and he also spent 35 winters skiing in Thredbo during the Australian winters.

In between his two ski seasons Chris did a vast amount of travelling and has been on some incredible trips and adventures. He once crossed the Patagonia Ice Cap with his great friend Ray who was also a real character and an explorer at heart. They didn’t have a map so before their epic journey they popped into a tobacco shop for two reasons; firstly Chris couldn’t live without cigarettes in those days, and secondly they needed a map. The shop keeper didn’t have any proper maps but drew a map of what he imagined the Ice Cap to look like on the back of a cigarette packet.

Armed with these precise directions Chris and Ray started off across the vast icefield. Nine days later they were a sorry sight as their food had run out. But what’s worse than running out of food? Chris had run out of tobacco two days earlier was having serious withdrawals and was driving Ray nuts! Needless to say that they were extremely happy boys when they finally made it back to civilization! And thank God they had a map!

I’ve posted a photo of Chris and an article from one of the Australian papers. I’m sure Chris has a photo or two from his crazy journey and he’ll post something I’m sure. Stay tuned!

PS The photos seem to be organising themselves by the date they were taken and not when I posted them. You may need to scroll back as the days go on to find the various photos from the past.