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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Back To ‘Skinning’!

With the sun beating down we all went for a walk today. Because of the wind damage even ‘skinning’ isn’t going to guarantee great snow but the boys produced the goods today.

Chris and I did our ‘once-every-five-years’ route for the third time in three weeks. Thomas had a great result and Henry and Jerome had excellent morning’s as well. Thomas’ good friend Jerome helps us out from time to time and he’s working with us all next week.  And Henry is on ‘Alpine’ duty next week as well.

Frederick came up to me outside the summit of the Olympique this morning. He asked if I was Wayne and said he reads my blog everyday. It’s always nice when someone you’ve never met comes up and introduces themselves. Frederick is the good looking guy in today’s photos!

I’ll see any of you brave enough to enter the Danois tonight for the gig. Karen and Andreas should be kicking off around 5:15.

Stay tuned!

Chris and I are doing a ‘skin’ tomorrow. Chris has one client and I don’t have any so anyone who wants to come along please let me know. Call Louise, or text or email me. Or just show up in the morning!