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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Back To The Fornet!!!

After shunning the Fornet for the past week to ten days (and with good reason) I finally returned today and we had an outstanding morning. Five to ten cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight and with the help of the wind there was some lovely snow in the lee and just enough to lay down a soft cushion of snow elsewhere. We were in a fog getting off the Laisinant Express so we stayed on the piste and really got started with a lovely Lower Combe du Signal en-route to the Pisaillas Glacier. Once upstairs we had a great run off the Combe du 3300 before heading over the Col Pers for an excellent run top-to-bottom before the always impressive exit through the gorge where we spotted chamois and bouguetin. To finish off the morning we had a much better than expected run in the Grand Vallon out towards Chez Henry and then back around under Oh My. I thought it was a terrific morning and it was great to welcome Simon, who was skiing with us for the first time.

Chris had a family from Tignes with a ten-year-old but that didn’t stop Chris from taking the youngster through the gorge. Well done Chris, we don’t call you Cheeky Monkey for nothing!!! Meanwhile Thomas was in Tignes skiing off the Motte and it sounded like he was having a pretty good time as well.

Gill and I met Pav in the Danois last night and I thought Ed Mullit and Jamie were brilliant. They weren’t too loud and played some fantastic songs from The Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Sting and The Eagles to name a few. Bravo boys, it was a great gig!

Millie and Katie are having a wonderful time with their friends Josh, Lily and Faye. It’s so nice for them to be able to introduce their pals to our stunning environment. Lily and Faye ski with Suzanne in the morning then they all go off together in the afternoons.

We’re meeting Pav in the Danois again tonight before heading to Johnnie Alpine’s for dinner and Champion League’s football. What a great finish to a fantastic day. Stay tuned!

PS Josh, Katie and I watched the first half of Chelsea v Man U last night and Josh being a United supported was very pleased!

PPS Unfortunately my camera has taken on a couple of water spots and the main one resembles a black sperm swimming around the bottom of the frame. Sometimes I can crop it out but often cropping destroys the quality of the photo so I just have to leave it. My old wet-weather camera has some serious water spots and now my dry-weather camera is showing signs of age. Does anyone know if a Panasonic Lumix is easy to take apart so that the lens can be cleaned? Or will I need to buy and new camera for new winter?