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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Back To The Fornet!!!

After ignoring the Fornet for most of the winter due to poor snow conditions, or violent winds, or extremely cold temperatures, the Fornet has come good over the past month and given us some fantastic skiing. It didn’t snow as much last night compared to the previous night but it was enough to give us a soft cushion underfoot and in many places you couldn’t feel yesterday’s tracks. Chris, Henry and I started with the ‘L’ or Mattis to warm-up followed by an excellent run in the Grand Vallon and a very good ski in the Combe du Signal en-route to the Glacier. I had a run between the Combe du 3300 and the Cascade lift and managed to ski off a cornice in the flat-light but fortunately didn’t hurt myself and then we all headed over the Col Pers, which was lovely top-to-bottom. Henry’s client Tim had a plane to catch so they exited via the Grand Torsai while Chris and I continued to the valley floor and walked out on the summer path. It’s great skiing and a stunning walk but that will probably be the last time we walk out this season as the snow has disappeared at the bottom making it a little longer than it needs to be. Everyone I’m skiing with now has done the summer path during the past week so without the novelty feature I’ll just take the Grand Torsai next time as the Torsai is improving condition-wise.

That might be our fresh snow for the season so hopefully the sun will come out and we can finish off the season with some outstanding spring snow. I’m ready to get back to my spring kit and sunhat as I’ve gone back to winter underwear these past few days as it’s been jolly chilly at times.

It’s nil-nil at halftime as the Hammers try to knock Spurs off their perch. Come on boys!!! Stay tuned!