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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Back To Winter!!!

It was wonderful to be back to winter today! Enough snow has now fallen over the past couple of days to really make a difference. And it was cold enough to feel like winter.

All the teams had fantastic morning’s skiing in Tignes. It really was an excellent morning and a real reward for those who have persevered, us included! I’d go on about it except that I’ve so much to do with my family arriving in a couple of days. There is a lot to do and living on your own for four months can leave you with a bit of tidying. (see photos, not of my apartment but of the skiing!)

Last night’s gig featuring The Lunettes at the Danois was superb and the band was on great form. We had a good ‘Alpine’ presence and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Even after my build up to the gig first-timers are always surprised at how good these guys are!

Patrick who is the ‘house’ musician at the Baraque stopped by to watch Albert, Marc and Fernando play. Patrick used to tour the world with Johnny Halliday and is quite a famous musician in France. The fact that he came to the Danois to check out The Lunettes is a real compliment to the boys. If you’re in town next Thursday don’t miss them!

And don’t forget Karen and Andreas are playing tonight at 5:30 sharp. It promises to be another great apres-ski and I’m really looking forward to it. Please try to get there on time as it’s tough if they have to start to an almost empty room. (It’s been quiet all week and all the groups have had slow starts)

See you at the Danois and stay tuned!

PS I ran into Marty H at the Danois last night. Marty has been teaching skiing for probably fifty-years or so. He wrote a book on technique, which Chris took the photos for. He’s also produced numerous technique videos and was ahead of the game with instructional apps. And Marty has been in Val d’Isere longer than I have.

Marty has spent his adult life skiing and teaching. He’s had a few health issues of late and last night he said, “Wayne, I can’t ski with my feet anymore”! He told me that he needs to ski with his eyes now so when the light is flat he can’t ski anymore.

What Marty said about skiing with the feet is so true, especially in flat-light. You need to be able to sense everything through the feet. Snow quality, steepness of the terrain and undulations in the terrain. And you need to be able to stand up, relax and let your feet and skis find the fall-line.

Good stuff Marty, it was great to see you!