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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Better Light Today!!!

I was expecting a wet day again but we were lucky and stayed dried. We were absolutely soaked yesterday and my gear just dried out overnight so I was grateful for drier conditions.

We were also lucky with the visibility. It was forecast to clear up in the afternoon but the clouds started to break up earlier than expected. The snow was tricky enough but with decent visibility it skied really well for the most part. With and avalanche risk of 4/5 we took it easy and skied ‘low-hanging-fruit’ and it was another pretty good morning.

Last night’s gig at the Danois was fantastic. Andreas had his father Rolf in attendance and it was the first time he’d ever seen his son play live. Andreas put in a cracking performance and Rolf was rightly an extremely proud Daddy! On the other side of the stage Karen was her outstanding self and I think she’s improving with age. I didn’t think she could get any better but she is and it was another great Friday night in the Danois! (Unfortunately I’ll miss next week’s gig as I’ll be on an airport run with the girls)

The sun is forecast for tomorrow when I have my Christmas ski with Gill and the girls. Speaking of Gill, I’ve never seen her ski as well as she has the past three days. And we’ve had ‘skiers-snow’ for the most part. Bravo Gill!

Merry Christmas and stay tuned!