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Better News!!!

There is better news coming out of France this morning. As long as the French Ministers don’t make a u-turn touring should be allowed from December 15th!

Although we are all extremely disappointed that the lifts will be closed this is still uplifting news. It will give us the opportunity to get some fresh air, some exercise and to work. We will be seriously down on numbers but any work is better than no work. And wonderful light, stunning scenery and being in the mountains is reward enough. The entire ‘Alpine’ team will be ready and looking forward to taking care of anyone who’d like to come.

Compared to a normal winter the skiing will be limited but I know our ‘Alpine’ friends will rally. I know that everyone has the mindset to make the most of what’s on offer. And I know that we’ll all be grateful just to be back in the mountains again. ‘Alpine’ will do everything we can to make the most of our opportunities and I for one am now really looking forward to it. (French travel restrictions will remain in force until December 15th so I’ll plan to arrive on that same afternoon. )

Shops will be able to open and it’s going to be a very tough time for all of them. I can’t imagine many people coming to town and many will be apartment owners. Please support Jean Sports and local shops if you can. I know it’s tempting to save yourself some money shopping on-line but the shops need your support now more than ever. The situation is seriously dire for so many local businesses. Imagine how horrible it would be to end up with an empty high-street and the door open to franchises like McDonalds?

Le Petit Danois and Ski Club of GB are hosting an après ski- virtual gig with Ed Mullit and Jamie this Saturday at 5PM UK time. The gig would have been the Danois’ opener to kick off the season but virtual is the best we can hope for at the moment. I’m not sure of the platform so I’ll try to get that info for you. And hopefully Karen and Andreas may do some virtual gigs as well.

Stay tuned!