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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Better Than First Thought!!!

The skiing today was much better than we first thought this morning. It was blowing a gale and with flat-light is was looking like a potentially tricky morning. And our first test off the Verte wasn’t exactly a positive experience!

Fortunately the Borsat opened and we could head towards Tignes. We found some nice snow in the little Borsat and the morning improved drastically from there. Chris and I did three rotations off the Motte skiing the Cairn, my shoulder and another variation off the Genepy. We then finished up with a nice run in the Altiport. (See photos)

Andreas, Thomas and Henry were in Tignes as well but I’m not too sure where they skied.

Congratulations to Henry’s son Jackson. Jackson won the British Under-10 GS Championship yesterday. And congrats to Leo Gosling as well who came 2nd in his age group in today’s Slalom. Bravo boys for truly exceptional results! (Leo came 5th yesterday so what a couple of days for him.)

It’s been snowing fairly hard this afternoon and hopefully the wind will die down. We’re expecting snow over the next couple of days so don’t forget your goggles!

We are looking forward to The Lunettes at the Danois tonight. There will be a huge ‘Alpine’ presence tonight and it’s going to be a great apres-ski. My beau-frere Pav will be there with his family as well.

Stay tuned!