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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Better Than Forecast!!!

We were expecting a bit of a rough morning today with grey skies, wind and snow moving in mid-morning but the wind wasn’t a factor and the light was pretty decent with the odd moment of sunshine! Chris, Andreas and I all skied the Little Lavachet thinking the trees at the bottom would give us some visibility, which they did, and we then headed to the Sache for the first time this season. On the Col the light improved dramatically and it was surprising who few people skied the Sache yesterday in all that glorious sunshine but we weren’t complaining as we had ‘clean’ snow all the way down. We finished with a nice run in the Familial and it was a cracking good morning when I wasn’t expecting quite such nice conditions when I went to bed last night. 

I’m on my final tidying up session and preparing a meal for tomorrow night so we can eat when we get back from the Guinea Pigs before heading down to Lyon to get the girls. I’m hoping that the snow stays away only because of the drive because we could use a little top up.  Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!