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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Blimey Thomas!!!

Blimey, Thomas has been doing some amazing ‘skinning’ this winter. He has done roughly 45,000 vertical metres during the past two months and has skied itineraries that he’s been ‘eye-balling’ for years!

A couple of nights ago he and Muriel stayed in the Refuge du Turia before ‘skinning’ to the Dome de la Sache and skiing back towards La Gurraz. He’s also skied the Grande Sassiere lately with friends and has had some big days out with clients as well. (Thomas sent me a few photos on my phone and I’ll get Millie to help me post them later.) Bravo Thomas!

Meanwhile Chris and Suzanne are walking about four days a week and occasionally Louise accompanies them on their excursions. You’ll have noticed that Chris has continued to post some old photos. He has boxes and boxes of slides so it’s quite random in what order they come out. I check every day and am looking forward to seeing where he take us next!

Andreas is getting on well at the rehab center and will be coming home in the next couple of days. He’s really benefited from his time there but he’s looking forward to getting home to his family now.

I’m four-weeks post-op and getting more mobile each and every day. I walked around the golf course with my friends for a couple of hours on Monday. That’s by far the longest I’d been on my feet in one go since the op. I was quite tired afterwards so I sat in the sun in the garden with a cup of tea. The next thing I knew I’d nodded off and spilt my tea all over my crotch. Thank goodness it had cooled down or I would have scalded my balls! Man, I’m starting to sound like an old man!!!

I’ll try to get some of Thomas’ photos up and stay tuned for more news soon!

PS Chris and Suzanne ‘skinned’ 5-hours yesterday with Cate and Jonathan and ended up finishing off in the Gorge du Malpasset. Suzanne described the gorge as ‘having a couple of days left’, which translates to ‘adventurous’ !!! Great effort you guys!!!

PPS Jean Marc has arrived in town for ten-days of touring. The French are fearing a potential lockdown tonight and travelling more than 10 km’s from home may be banned.