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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Bonus Sun!!!

The forecast was wrong and instead of a grey overcast day we were rescued with some bonus sunshine! We all made the most of it and all the teams reported fantastic skiing.

With a slight haze and the odd cloud the spring snow still transformed nicely. In fact it softened even earlier than it has over the past few days. Conditions have been very unique so fat this spring and keeping us on our toes. Thomas today skied the Face du Charvet then immediately went from east to west and skied the Arcelle. That is unheard of because west facing slopes often take over two hours longer to transform. Nice one Thomas!

I’m going back to ‘code-mode’ because we’ve had some great skiing without any outside company. (See photos)

Three photos popped up on my computer while doing the photos today. One was from a year ago which featured a beautiful tree in full blossom back in England. ( Lock-down of course!) The next photo was from three years ago and it was Penny skiing some wonderful looking spring snow. The third photo was from four years ago and it was of Jean Ribart looking fantastic in some stunning powder!

Speaking of Jean, I ran into his friend Fred who used to be on the Tommeuses lift. No wonder I haven’t seen him all season as he is now down in Les Brevieres. (I’ve only been down that far twice all season!)

There were two tragic deaths in the resort yesterday. A 21-year-old man was killed speed-riding. That has been two speed-riders killed in the past three weeks . The second victim was a 60-year-old man who was killed up in the Fornet trees. He apparently fell and slid over a small cliff.

At this time of year falling on sliding on firm snow is always a risk. Arriving on big steep spring slopes on time as the snow has softened is crucial. Yesterday another skier slid a few hundred metres down the central couloir in the Marmottons. The skier survived but was air-lifted to the hospital in Grenoble. It was a gruesomely busy day for the piste service!

Stay tuned!

PS Tomorrow’s forecast is grim, but then again so was today. Hopefully we’ll get lucky again!