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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Alpine Experience

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Days Gone BY!!!

Thanks very much to Chris for posting some fabulous photos from days gone by. Some are from our early Alpine days while others go all the way back to our time at Top Ski. I know it takes time to sift through photo catalogues and it’s very much appreciated.

There is a photo of JM ice-climbing. Then one of TJ and I standing on a summit somewhere. And Pete skiing some delicous spring snow while on tour. There is a nice photo of heliskiing in Valgrisenche. You’ll find a lovely team photo from our early Alpine days. There is one of me skiing on skinny skis. (What I liked most about the skinny skis was that you skied deep in the snow instead of planning around on the surface.)

From our Top Ski days there are a couple of photos of some sluff action as TJ and I are opening up the Pointe Pers. There is also a photo of Jean Z and I heliskiing in Sweden. And there are a couple of great shots of Pat Z looking into and then skiing one of the Pramcou couloirs.

Thanks again Chris. Those photos bring back some wonderful memories and give us a little taste of the comradery and adventure that we are missing out on!