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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Bravo Team Chris!!!

Andreas  returned to action today and it was great to have him back. It was nice for him to return with much improved conditions and his team had a great ski in the Chardonnet, Sache and Familial (and I may have spotted his tracks in the Cocaine as well). Chris had some new skiers along for their first-ever experience with Alpine (clever name really, thanks Joanna!) and they had a fantastic time. David and Maddie from Boston, and Shane from Ireland enjoyed the Sachette Couloir along their first ‘skin’ and Team Chris left some brilliant tracks on the mountain. It’s great to see people slot in so quickly and since they are only with us for one day Chris ran late with an extra little ‘skin’ and I thought Chris did a superb job today making the most of his team’s one shot at it. And as far as my team went, Richard F had binding trouble and had to drop out but thank goodness his binding failed on the piste and not somewhere weird! I thought Sylvie looked great in today’s photos and deserved her the ‘Photos-of-the-Day’ award while her husband Richard had a couple of good ones as well.

Canadian Peter and I are off shortly to watch Man U v Liverpool at the Garage and we’re going to meet up with Derek for the match and a catch up on his trip to Canada. Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow.

PS Thomas was skiing in La Rosiere today and is on a private this week while Henry was off today.