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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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On Jean Marc’s recommendation Chris and I went off and tried an itinerary that we haven’t done before. It turned out to be a brilliant outing with wonderful scenery and outstanding snow. (see photos) Thanks JM!

I’ve ended up skiing several new routes during this dry spell. Our regular haunts are tracked out, been burnt by the sun or still affected by rain-crust. With about 1% of our options available to us you’ve got to try something! Still, the sun is shining, there is some great skiing and the boys are putting on a really good show.

I’m a bit busy as I didn’t get home until 2:30. Then I had a Zoom Pilates class at 3 o’clock, a 30-minute Facetime with Millie followed by the photos and blog. I quite fancy a drink tonight so I’m heading to the Baraque after my bath.

Stay tuned!