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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Brilliant Again!!!

There was a solid freeze last night and the sun was shining again this morning. Thomas was back in action and along with Chris and I we all had brilliant mornings.

My team started off with a couple of excellent spring snow runs through the snow park while waiting for the Borsat. Then we all headed towards the spring snow near the Cabin, which was perfect. Unfortunately the Manchet chair wasn’t running so we needed to push out.

Thomas then stayed around the Madeleine/Arcelle area while Chris and I worked our way to the Fornet. I then skied two great runs on Oh My! It was a little firm but grippy-firm as compared to icy-firm and my team ate it up. Oh My! consists of long steep wonderful slopes with fantastic scenery and it’s always a pleasure to be out there. (see photos) It’s been years since the spring snow in that sector has been so ‘clean’.

Don’t forget that Karen and Andreas are playing at the Coin des Amis (Chez Jules) this afternoon. They may be playing Friday as well and Ed and Jamie will be playing Thursday and Saturday. Jukka will be happy because he loves his hard rock!

And I’m looking forward to Liverpool’s match tonight!

Stay tuned!

PS It’s been years since the spring snow was this ‘clean’ everywhere on the mountain. Thomas, who’s been away for a few days, couldn’t believe when it stepped out of the Funival. I haven’t seen him grin like that in ages!

PPS The last time I skied Oh My! that clean was with Millie and Katie. They were about 9 and 7 at the time and I think Chris and Tejina might have been there?