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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Brilliant For A Horrible Day!!!

For such a windy, flat-light day with an extremely limited opening, it was a brilliant morning!

We did an incredible amount of skiing considering the weather and lift situation. After a great warm-up run on the Face du Bellevarde, we skied the Fontaine Froide, several on Bonnevie’s Drag, a few under the Mont Blanc chair, a short ‘skin’ to access the Tommeuses piste (which was closed and clean), and an Epaule du Charvet to finish. Chris, Thomas, Jerome and Henry were all in the neighbourhood, and Thomas and Jerome made their way towards the Fornet for lunch.

For the low expectations this morning it was a 10/10 morning, with good soft snow, smoothness underfoot, and loads of turns.

We are expecting at least 50 cm’s of snow tonight accompanied by high winds, so tomorrow should be interesting. Fingers crossed!

Don’t forget the biggest gig of the season since Guffy’s Memorial tonight at the Danois. Karen and Andreas will kick-off the gig at 5:30 sharp. They will be followed by Mike and Ritchie before they all play together to finish around 8:30. See you there and stay tuned!