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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Brilliant Performance Ness!!

Last night’s first regular Alpine Get-together at Le Petit Danois was excellent as quite a few Alpine regulars came to see Andreas and Karen perform. They are fantastic together and getting better with every gig as they start to get use to playing together. Karen is a great singer with real presence who sings with a smile and constantly engages the crowd with eye contact. Andreas’ guitar work is seriously good and his looping really adds to certain songs that call for it. Many of the cover bands that come through the bars have very similar play-lists but Karen and Andreas’ song choices are varied, interesting, and much different to what you’ll hear elsewhere. Bravo to you both and if you missed it make sure you’re there next week!

It was Ness’ birthday on the 3rd (sorry I missed it Ness) and she came up with her school friends and brother Victor to sing a song with her Dad. She sang brilliantly while Andreas accompanied her with some lovely finger-picking on guitar and it was really, really cool! When Ness came off the stage Victor ran into her arms for a fierce hug and he didn’t let go for several minutes as he was incredibly proud of her. I hope you can come up often Ness as it was a pleasure to watch and all your school friends thought it was pretty cool as well!

And now for today’s skiing. I thought it was jolly good and I had a really good time this morning taking advantage of perfectly groomed empty pistes mixed in with some very enjoyable off-piste itineraries. As Chris would say, “it is what it is” condition-wise but the sun is shining and there is still some great skiing to be had. Stay tuned!

PS I think TJ arrives today?