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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Brilliant Spring Skiing!!!

We had a fantastic freeze last night but the only worry was that without any real sunshine since the last snowstorm if the spring slopes would have set-up properly? I had a positive test off the Epaule du Charvet and knew we were in business and we enjoyed a maximum-turn morning of quality spring snow and we didn’t finish until 1:45! We skied two on the Epaule du Charvet, one on the Cabin de la Garde, and then it was decision time. To give the Cugnai some time to soften up I took the Tunnel poma for the first time in ten years (it’s been closed) and traversed across to a lovely spring pitch that was perfect. Unfortunately the traverse was a little tougher than I remembered or anticipated but the team did the business and we arrived in the end. By the time we skied the Cugnai it was pretty much as good as it gets these days texture-wise and for ‘cleanness’! By this time it was fairly late so some of the team dropped out due to fatigue or needing to be at rendezvous’ and the rest of us finished up with an excellent Marmottons into the Marmottes. It was a cracking morning under clear blue skies, which makes a welcome change from fog!

Chris skied in Tignes and had a great morning while Andreas had Ness, Victor and some other children and took them off-piste around the Charvet with Tansy helping out at the back. They had a brilliant time and I should have taken a group photo of them.

Andreas was still buzzing from his gig last night, which was brilliant (see yesterday’s update) and Ness will be making a guest appearance next Friday at Karen and Andreas’ last gig of the season. You won’t want to miss that one!

Dan Egan is back in town and it’s great to see him every morning at the Gourmandine. Dan is a fun guy with a terrific sense of humour and the daily meeting for coffee and a chat is a great start to the day. Dan is also a very serious skier who was inducted into the Skiing Hall of Fame a couple of years ago!

Well done to Michele who hasn’t skied for three years due to a serious accident where she shattered her ankle. It looked like she may never ski again so getting back on skis was a huge step, but getting back off-piste in fairly serious conditions these past two days was something she didn’t think would happen and was quite emotional. Bravo Michele!

Stay tuned!