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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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It was time for a change of scenery today and it won’t take Simon more than two seconds to guess where we were! (You were spot on again the other day Simon) Anyway, we had a solid ‘skin’ and were rewarded with some excellent snow and after the more ‘educational’ stuff we skied in yesterday the team skied like ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ today. The scenery was stunning, we had the mountain to ourselves and the great snow was a massive bonus.

Andreas and Chris finished their ‘private’ week’s today, Henry had another great ski and Jerome has been helping us out over the past couple of days while Thomas was in La Rossiere today scouting out some potential itineraries off the new lift.

The Guinea Pigs were fantastic again last night and it was nice to have both Andreas and Karen there to watch, as well as another musician Reece who sings and plays at the new Solaise restaurant. The boys were on fire last night and I’ll miss them next week while driving the girls back down to the airport.

I’m really looking forward to Andreas and Karen’s gig tonight starting at 5 o’clock, but with the beautiful weather the bar is empty at that time so they’ll probably start a little later. See you there and stay tuned!