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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Bring On The Summer!!!

After a cold April and a cool uninspiring start to May it feels like summer might finally arrive. I can hardly wait and the timing couldn’t be better as I’m just about to start playing golf again!

Andreas has arrived home after his second stint at the rehab center. He’s now turned a corner and will be able to start on a stationary bike indoors before slowly starting to increase his workouts. He’s looking forward to being able to start chipping and putting and playing golf by the end of the summer.

Chris and Suzanne have arrived back in Normandy, Thomas and his family are doing well, as are JM, Henry, TJ and Pietro.

The unstable snow conditions have continued as 5 people were killed in avalanches in neighbouring resorts on the closing weekend of the season. And last weekend another 7 people died. It was an extremely tragic season considering how few people were actually out in the back-country.

Check out John Yates-Smith’s YSE blog. John has used some of Chris’ photos featuring Suzanne and Louise and his write-ups are always entertaining. Thanks for blog John, your political correctness has always been exemplary !

Stay tuned!