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Happy Father’s Day!!!

I had a nice surprise this morning when the girls took me into Godalming for a Father’s Day breakfast and the girls were on great form. I hope all you Dad’s out there are having a good day with your families!

Derek’s family have arrived in California for Heather’s graduation from Stanford and they’ll be having a fantastic time. I spent quite a bit of time there in my late-teens and early-twenties and it brings back great memories. Have a brilliant time and congratulations to Heather!!! And Michael Rosen sent me a few photos of Leah’s graduation from Harvard and I’ve posted those as well. (You need to scroll down a little as the photos are listed by date taken) Leah’s next port of call will be Cambridge in September so a huge congratulations to Leah and Michael as well. There are a couple of pretty proud dad’s out there!!!

Meanwhile Millie has finished her GCSE’s and is looking forward to her long summer. She normally gets out of school around the end of July so she has so much more time to look forward to, but of course poor Katie still has several weeks of school left! Stay tuned!

PS Millie finished school on Friday and had a BBQ with some of her school friends and they shared a Magnum of champagne courtesy of Adam Gosling. (Thanks Adam) It was a great evening and all of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And this afternoon a few of the planes from the Dunsfold  Air Show flew over our house, and it was pretty impressive!