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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Can It Get Any Worse!!!

First of all it was a bad night for my sports teams. The Flames lost. The Blue Jays lost. And worst of all the Hammers endured a cruel defeat in Germany!

Then this morning a vehicle from the Val Agence backed into my car. Fortunately it isn’t too serious. One of the benefits of having and old car!

Now it appears my Titre de Sejour application may just get a bit little more complicated. I’ve had three ten-year cards over the years but I’ve always been married to a EU resident. Seems that I’ve been considered a resident due to my marriages and not on my own merit. Suddenly Brexit has reared its ugly head again!

On a more positive note Millie is booking some flights to come and visit me. That will definitely help to keep me sane!

I’ll try to post a ‘photo of the day’ to keep you posted. First one is up.

Stay tuned!