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Wayne and Gill Watson.
Alpine Experience
Alpine Experience

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Change Of Email!!!

My idms email address is now a thing of the past as my sever has retired. Please use my gmail address which is wwatson1955@gmail.com. Doug tells me that’s way too much information but it’s too late now!

Millie has now returned to Exeter for her second year at university. Katie is studying hard for A-levels and trying to decide what university to choose? Gill is having wrist problems and can’t play tennis, which is seriously upsetting for her. I’m playing as much golf as I can before it’s all over and trying to score some points by painting. So far, I’ve done Gill’s and my bedroom, and I’m almost finished the sitting room. (Unfortunately, I spend my points as quickly as I earn them!)

Chris and Suzanne are in Australia for the first time in several years due to Covid. They are planning to do some touring and hopefully Chris will post some photos. I’ve been a bit slack of late, so I’ll leave it to Chris to spruce up the blog with a little colour!

Winter is just around the corner so keep those booking coming in.

Stay tuned!