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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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We had a Skype meeting with Tony yesterday and have made a few changes to the site. In order to gain more hits and increase our internet presence and rankings we’ve changed the name of my diary to ‘Off-Piste Blog’. I know that isn’t very exciting but Wayne’s Daily Diary doesn’t mean anything to anybody outside of the ‘Alpine’ family.

When googling ‘off-piste blogs’ my diary doesn’t come up and it’s a little depressing to spend so much time and effort writing it daily to have it so distant in the google rankings. Hopefully the change-of-name for the diary will make a difference and give Alpine Experience and my blog much better exposure. We are also working on re-writes and links to incorporate key words to help improve the ranking of our entire website.

If you have Wayne’s Daily Diary down as a ‘favourite’ you’ll need to change it as it won’t come up. But, if you’ve found this page you’ve already worked it all out! Please pass it on to your friends who may not be as savvy as you! Thanks and stay tuned!