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Wayne and Gill Watson.
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Change Of Pace!!!

There was a few centimetres of snow overnight and it was so nice to have a change of pace weather-wise.

For the first time in about a month I ventured off the Verte to do our habitual ‘snow test’. But the test lasted about two seconds and I did an immediate u-turn back to the beautifully groomed piste. It was evident that the new snow hadn’t yet smoothed out the uneven surface. ( Nico called the snow surface cauliflower, which I thought was a good description on some exposures.)

Chris and I then decided to head up to the Grande Motte where we had some excellent skiing. We skied down to the Leisse chair in a white-out, which was adventurous and pretty good fun. Next up was the Rosolin and a short ‘skin’, which was very good as well. Then we skied off the Genepy before returning home.

By the end of the morning the hard surfaces had softened up and it was a cracking good day. For the most part we had just enough visibility to be comfortable both skiing and navigating. (See photos)

The blog is late today because I went to Bourg to do a massive shop for the girls arrival. Then I had to unload and store it all way followed by a Pilates class. I’m caught up now and looking forward to tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

PS Chris and I have run into Jean Z three days in a row. He’s always with people who date back to Chris and my Top Ski days and it’s always nice to see them. And good ‘sniffing’ Jean!

PPS Blimey, don’t forget the Lunettes at the Danois tomorrow from 5:15!!!!!!